29. Danny Bent on Giving Back with Running & Epic Adventures
Faster Forward with Troy BusotFebruary 06, 2021
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29. Danny Bent on Giving Back with Running & Epic Adventures

Troy Busot
Troy Busot

A childhood framed by his family's love for running leads a young man on adventures across several continents, stoking his love and optimism for humanity.

Years later, a post-run tea is interrupted by a radio report of the fatal bombing of the Boston Marathon. Our guest, clear on the other side of the Atlantic and armed with not much more than social media and a simple idea, sets out to lend a humble hand.

11 weeks later the final baton of the One Run for Boston was handed to a survivor across the finish line, celebrating and honoring those who were injured and lost their lives, having raised $600,000 for those affected.

Our guest today is Danny Bent, founder of @onerun_global. A self-described happiness guru and runner, he's quick to point out that he's just a human who loves other humans and sees the best in all of us.

As an example, a call out to his social media had him leading a 9 day running expedition bisecting Iceland from North to South with 20 fellow travelers - many of whom had never completed a single marathon, much less the 9-straight marathons and ultras that were required for this effort. But they all finished - in no small part I'm sure to the exuberance of Danny Bent.

You will be grinning ear to ear as I was interviewing him. Be sure to listen to the end to find out how to enter the Danny Bent Adventure Grant for $3000 to fund the adventure of your choosing.

So if you're ready for the show, crank it up and let's go!

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Hope you enjoyed it - more people racing more often having more fun in the process is our mission.

Thanks again to the bloody legend Danny Bent. Check him out at DannyBent.com and submit your application for the $3K pound Adventure Grant.

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