31. Roderick Sewell is The First Bilateral Above the Knee Amputee to finish Kona Ironman World Championships
Faster Forward with Troy BusotFebruary 16, 2021
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31. Roderick Sewell is The First Bilateral Above the Knee Amputee to finish Kona Ironman World Championships

Troy Busot
Troy Busot

031 - Roderick Sewell

Where does character come from? Is it born or bread? Inherited or built? Perhaps for today's guest, it was nurtured through the selfless and courageous actions of his mother.

You can't tell the story of Roderick Sewell without starting with his mother, Marian Jackson. 

When her son was born missing both tibias, she had to make the decision to keep his legs and confine him to a wheel-chair, or amputate and reach for a chance at a more normal life with prosthetics. 

Faced with the insurmountable cost, however, she braved a second decision to quit her modest but stable job so that California Children's services would pay for the prosthetics and give Roderick a chance at walking, and who knows, maybe even more.

The sacrifice that she made had the inseperable pair dipping in and out of homeless shelters in San Diego.

Spotted at a train stop by a representative from Challenged Athletes Foundation, Roderick was introduced to a new world of athletics which would later land him on the U.S. Para-Swimming team at the 2014 Pan Pacific Para-swimming Championships, winning Gold and bronze, as well as carry him across the finish line as the first bilateral above the knee amputee to finish Kona - the Ironman World Championships.

Roderick and Marian are an incredibly inspiring, amazing mother-son duo and he wouldn't mind me telling you that he owes her everything and wants the world to know it.

Roderick Sewell at Athlinks

Roderick Sewell at Challenged Athletes Foundation

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