34. Selene Yeager - 2 Wheeled Adventurer & Host of Hit Play, Not Pause Podcast
Faster Forward with Troy BusotMarch 09, 2021
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34. Selene Yeager - 2 Wheeled Adventurer & Host of Hit Play, Not Pause Podcast

Troy Busot
Troy Busot

Instead of asking yourself "how long do I want to live", you should really start asking yourself, "how do I want to live". We all want to live forever, but if you're listening to this show, chances are, you've got some minimum standards that you'd like to set as the years pass by - especially of the athletic variety.

On the podcast today, we welcome Selene Yeager - host of the Hit Play, Not Pause podcast - a show for performance-minded women who aren't willing to put their best years behind them.

We discuss the affects of aging on the body  - especially in your 40s, 50s, and beyond, and how to optimize your physiology, maintain your fitness, and harness your power. It's not just for ladies, or even us older athletes - if you or someone you know is planning on getting older now or sometime in the future - even if you don't accept it - you need to give this a listen.

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Hit Play Not Pause Podcast

That's the show, folks, Hope you enjoyed it - more people racing more often having more fun in the process is our mission at Athlinks. 

Thanks again to Selene Yeager, aka FitChick3. 

We do a special post for each episode on Instagram, so look for the post for episode 34 with a picture of Selene if you have comments or questions - we are @athlinks or shoot us an email to podcast@athlinks.com. 

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And, until next time, happy racing everybody.