38. Juan Carlos Obando - OCR Athlete on Chasing an Age Group World Championship
Faster Forward with Troy BusotApril 06, 2021
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38. Juan Carlos Obando - OCR Athlete on Chasing an Age Group World Championship

Troy Busot
Troy Busot

Born in Canada, Today's guest - Juan Carlos Obando moved with his family to Ecuador as a youngster where he learned to play soccer - a game that gave him a love of running that would stick with him throughout his life. After moving back to Toronto, soccer eventually turned to wrestling and weight lifting and a friendly invitation to a Spartan Race allowed Juan to combine these passions in his first Obstacle Course Race. Once hooked, he made the commitment to compete for an OCR Age Group World Championship in his 40s. He reshaped his body and mind, adapted his training and came out of 2020 leaner faster and ready for the racing season of his life. We get into all this an more on today's podcast.

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That's the show, folks, Hope you enjoyed it - more people racing more often having more fun in the process is our mission at Athlinks. 

Thanks again to Juan Carlos Obando.

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