57. Thomas Reiss - Ultra Runner & Athlete Manager for Snowman Race, Bhutan
Faster Forward with Troy BusotDecember 28, 2022
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57. Thomas Reiss - Ultra Runner & Athlete Manager for Snowman Race, Bhutan

Troy Busot
Troy Busot

On Episode 57 we extend our post-race coverage of The Snowman Race which was held in the Kingdom of Bhutan and billed as "The Ultimate Race for Climate Action" highlights how climate and weather events are affecting some of the most remote villages in the region. Thomas Reiss, an accomplished Ultra Runner in his own right took the reigns as the International Athlete Manager for the Snowman Race and he discusses this race of a lifetime that follows the trail of the famous Snowman Trek, which has been completed by fewer people than Everest. The audacious event appropriately turns up the heat, focused as it is on Climate Change.

Thomas' Running Records:

50k - 3:12.32
50 mile - 5:56.17
100 mile - 18:05
10,000m - 31:51 (Track, 1996)
800m - 1:58:2 - (Track, 1995)
Halfmarathon - 1:09:10 (Road, 1998)
3Days/3Marathons, 8:43:19 (Road, Altitude, 2006)

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https://kraftwerkdesign.com (Thomas' real job)

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